About IELTS Training methodology:

OSA firmly believe that no two students are alike and when it comes to IELTS preparation we need to understand this logic. Keeping in mind that our experts developed separate study material, with years of research, for five different levels of students:

  1. Foundation Level: For those who don’t have a base in English language.
  2. Beginners Level: Those who have some kind of base and are well versed with basics.
  3. Pre-Advance Level: Those who have strong fundamentals but need certain level of grooming in all areas.
  4. Advance Level: At par with IELTS curriculum as per university guidelines.
  5. Advance Plus: Ready to take on IELTS with some brush up skills to score 8 or above bands.

Besides above levels, we also provide one on one sessions to improve the grey areas as per requirements of different students. Audio visual techniques are used to expose students to IELTS tips and tricks to focus on weak areas.

Our Expert Tips:

  1. Quit Doubting and focus on your strengths.
  2. Keep Improving. You need to improve on your performance every day.
  3. Learn to be the BEST.
  4. Make the right choice.
  5. Focus on one thing at a time, Stay away from mobiles during practice sessions.
  6. Bring out your best.
  7. Be committed and compete with yourself.
  8. Connect and reciprocate.
  9. Live like a leader. Start Taking initiative.
  10. Motivate others to succeed.
  11. Plan ahead and manage time well.
  12. Treat others well and get treated well.