MYC India is a Delhi (India) based private incorporated company which is run by a experience director. who have establish themselves in Indian education market working with many universities and colleges by providing service to Students and counsel about their career, IELTS preparation, online PTE test sample series, Study abroad and VISA’S.
MYC India is an extensive search engine for students, parents, education industry players and for those who want to study in abroad. We provide appropriate and relevant element on colleges, universities and visa processes. We offer counselling for student interested in UG/PG or any other courses in India as well as abroad across the most popular educational stream.
The core of our business is to introduce Indian students to CANADA, SingaporeNew Zealand, Australia and other world wide destination to study at a University or a language school.
As our services get good response and appreciation across, we regularly get calls, inquiry for study abroad and visa assessment , To make our service and deed more fruitful for those are dedicated to study abroad.